To develop a QBs ability to avoid the rush while keeping his eyes downfield.

Set Up

  • Have a QB line up in the center of the field, and the rest of the players form 3 lines in front of the QB, ready to rush on the snap.


  1. The QB will hike the ball and take a 5 step drop.
  2. The coach will point to one of the DE queuing him to take off and rush the QB.
  3. The QB will step up and avoid the rush.
  4. The coach will repeat until the QB has avoided 3 defenders, completing one rep.

Coaching Tips

  • Make sure to emphasize that the QB keeps both hands on the ball, staying light on his feet.
  • Once the QB has the hang of avoiding the rush, add 3 receivers and have the QB throw to one of them after avoiding the rush.