In today’s video blog post, we are talking about a very useful offensive line drill that can be applied to youth, high school or even college football. This is a great offensive line drill for pass protection when it comes to footwork.

Power Step Kick Step Cone Offensive Line Drill


  • Set up 2 lines of cones, and the player is going to power step and then kick step, power step, kick step. Upon completion of the line, the player is going to turn around and go back the other way.
  • Using good demeanor (body lean, eyes up, etc.) the entire time, the player will run through the drill the first time at half speed both directions, following up with faster speed with each repetition.
  • Be sure that as the player is power stepping, he is torquing his body lean slightly as he turns, and that he has a good wide base with the weight on the insteps of his feet. You never want to see the player cross his feet or shuffle.


In this sequence, the player is going to do the same thing, but you are going to add a defender who will walk down the middle. Any time that the defender threatens the offensive players strike zone or punch zone, the offensive player is going to punch. The player does NOT want to punch unless the defender is in the strike zone. If they do this, they lose their strong base and power as they lunge forward, which makes it easy for the defender to escape.


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