To teach passers how to avoid pressure up the middle while keeping their eyes downfield.

Set Up

  • QB will get ready at LOS with ball in hand.
  • Setup 2 hula hoops 5 yards behind the QB and 1 yard apart.
  • If working out alone, you’ll need to setup 1-3 targets downfield, other wise, have your receivers line up on LOS

Pressure Escape Football Passing Drill


  1. QB will snap ball and take 5 step drop.
  2. After planting in the pocket and taking a beat, the passer will feel the pressure coming up from the middle of the pocket.
  3. The passer will ‘Push Off’ with their dominant side foot, stepping outside the pocket to their weak side.
  4. Passer should finish push off by landing on their plant step, allowing them to go directly into their passing motion and getting the ball to the receiver that much sooner!

Coaching Tips

  • It can be a good idea to start off by letting players isolate the footwork and get several reps where they work on getting the push off onto the plant foot correct. If you throw players right into the drill and they have a hard time picking it up, it can be difficult to learn while focusing on the dropback and making a good throw as well.