If you are looking for great basic quarterback drills for working on the snap, then today’s video blog post is just what you need!

Quarterback Drills: Taking the Snap

Quarterbacking is one of hardest skills to master. As a quarterback, you need to learn the basic skills of offense and defense, along with outside skills such as leadership and the ablity to motivate others.

When it comes down to quarterback fundamentals, one of the most important skills to master is the abilty to take the snap from the center. Here are some basic points for a good Center/Quarterback exchange:

  1. Start with a staggered stance, left foot slightly back, and good knee bend.
  2. The quarterback keeps his head up with his eyes on the coverage.
  3. The quarterbacks right hand should be firm up under the center followed by his bottom guide hand, with fingers spread as wide as possible.
  4. Keeping the strings closest to the fingers upon the snap will reduce QB fidgeting. The center needs to be aware of right or left handed throwers and ajust the football strings accordingly.
  5. Upon the snap and the quarterbacks first step back, he will have cleared the center or pulling linmen.

Practice this basic drill every day with all of your quarterbacks in cadence to improve their effeciency at taking the snap.


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