In today’s video blog post, we are continuing to talk about more awesome run play drills for explosive power!   Included in this video are demonstrations of the “Base Drill, “Triangle Drill”, “Cross Face Drill”, and the “Push/Pull Drill”.

More Awesome Run Play Drills for Explosive Power!

Base Drill

The purpose of this drill is to work on having a good base and a good center of gravity. The player is going to step over the bags and these bags are going to make the player keep a good base as he delivers his blow.

Triangle Drill

In this drill, you are working on getting the players used to having blockers come at them and using their peripheral vision, while executing good fundamental form and technique with their blow delivery and strike from all different angles.

Cross Face Drill

In this drill, you want your players to work on using his peripheral vision, and feeling the blockers coming at him from different angles. Except this time he’s going to hit them on a rise, and he’s going to cross face.

Push/Pull Drill

This next drill allows your players to get a good fit on the player they are up against. With thumbs at one and eleven o’clock and a good bend in his knees, have the player close his eyes and feel their opponent push with pressure.

Once the player feels pressure, he’s going to fight pressure with pressure. Push/pull, turn shoulders, escape into that gap – he is going to use all of the methods that he has learned. So many times on any type of block, a defensive lineman gets covered up when he’s really responsible for a gap. The best way to get back in this gap is to push forward.


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