In today’s blog post, we are talking about another excellent non-contact drill called “The Star Drill”.   It’s a great non-contact drill to get players comfortable with “going” on the ball, which helps avoid offsides calls against them.

Football Non-Contact Drill: The Star Drill

NOTE: You want to be sure to walk through this drill with your athletes or they’re just going to be running and touching cones randomly. Additionally, you want to explain to them under what circumstances you need to change directions like this in a game.

  • Touch the cone on the right, then touch the cone on the left.
  • Finish by touching the cone at the end.
  • Get low, steal the base. Put your hand on the ground, and be sure you are always digging with your hand on the ground.
  • Always be sure to change directions.

Don’t worry about the quick count – instead focus on using some kind of motion signal to trigger the start of the drill.

If it’s defensive practice, don’t use a whistle or a “go” command. Use a visual signal. Be sure to teach them to go on the ball. If you teach them to go on a “go” command in a drill, they’re going to go on a “go” command in a game. And then you’re going to be offsides and it’s going to be your fault.

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