During the above video, you’ll learn about several football running back drills that will be perfect for getting your players ready for game time.

Pyramid Course Drill

The pyramid course football running back drill is used for body control and catching. What the players will do is catch the ball once going one way, throw it, catch it again, and then go deep. The coach will purposely make the players catch the ball over the shoulder.

Then you would run your players the opposite direction so that your running backs are trained on both directions. With this drill, remind your players to keep the ball close to the body and focus.

Meat Grinder Drill

The meat grinder drill focuses on concentration and focus.

With this football running back drill, you want to have two linebackers with bags simulating backers pushing and hitting the running back. You should throw ten in a row to see how many catches each running back can make; at the end, whoever has caught the most gets an incentive.

With this drill, remind your players to focus on getting a frame for the ball and watching the crosshair of the ball coming between the forefingers and the thumb.

You can challenge the players by throwing the ball at different places with this drill as well.

Settle and Noose Drill

There are many different ways to run this football running back drill; watch for a great demonstration to see how this drill focuses on quick foot movement and focus.

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