There are many important components of catching the football.

1. Focus on the front stripe of the ball.
2. Keep your body balanced as much as possible.
3. Extend your arms and attack the ball to cut down the flight time.
4. Relax your body.
5. Adjust to the ball.
6. Lock it away quickly.

In today’s video blog post, we are demonstrating 2 awesome wide receiver drills that will help your athletes improve their catching skills.

Wide Receiver Drills: The Cut & Catch Drill (Breaking To The Right or Left)

  • Set up 2 cones down the line at approximately 10-15 feet apart
  • The athlete comes starts at the first cone and comes down the line, making a plant at the second cone.
  • He then makes a cut to the right (or left), catches the football and tucks it securely up under the arm

Ball Catching Tips:

– If you reach above for a football, you want your thumbs together/in.
– If you are reaching below for a football, you want your thumbs pointing out.


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