The above youth football video discusses the main philosophy and various concepts when approaching how to defend against a wing-T team. Here are the   main points:

The main philosophy is to be an attacking defense””to get upfield and disrupt what’s going on with the offensive side. As a youth football coach, you then want to play linebackers and secondary behind that defensive line that’s heading upfield. You want to play with fast linebackers who can run to the ball and make things happen from there.

Enabling your youth football players to recognize formations is a big key to playing against the wing-T. Wing-T teams have developed many different types of formations to try to confuse you and get you out of the alignment that you want to be in.

The wing-T basically uses the same plays and formations. They can give you a hard time, but if you can teach your players to recognize them and be able to line against those formations, then you’ll be very successful.

Finally, it’s a good idea to use many different front looks by stemming and moving as the offense is coming to the line of scrimmage.

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