During this post, we’re going to talk about a handful of wide receiver drills that you’re sure to want to use while coaching football.

coaching football drill
90-Degree Cut Cone Drill

90-Degree Cut Cone Drill

Set up six of your cones so that they’re in 90-degree angles to one another. This’ll be good on your out-cuts and just to create a series of 90 degrees.

Remind your players of the following:

  • Weight over those knees
  • Stick that outside foot
  • Work those outside hands

You want to work the 90-degree drill both ways so you get both cuts, coming and going in the different directions.

Sprint, Shuffle, Backpedal Shuffle Cone Drill

This agility drill emphasizes body position, with weight over the balls of your feet, good back arch, eyes up, and your hands working.

After your receivers sprint, shuffle, backpedal, and shuffle, they’ll then move the drill to the opposite cone so they get to work both directions in their shuffle.

This drill is designed to work on your feet, sharp cuts, and body movement.

team catch drill
Team Catch Drill

Team Catch Drill

Put two receivers facing each other. They should put their hands up. Have a quarterback or a coach throw them the football.

The idea is the focus and using just the one hand of each receiver to catch the football.

What you can do after a series of those is have the receivers switch sides so they’re using their opposite hands. It’s a fun drill that makes them concentrate on the football.

back to the ground football drill
Back to the Ground Drill

Back to the Ground Drill

What we’re trying to emphasize here is that, by laying on the ground, the receiver’s arms cannot go past the ground; therefore, he’s forced to reach out and catch the football.

So you’re emphasizing reaching for the ball as opposed to letting the ball come into your chest.

Also, you can create a rapid fire where you give the quarterback several balls and work your way down all your receivers. It’s an excellent drill for emphasizing reaching for the football.

coaching football drill
Reach Drill

Reach Drill

You can do this drill on a goalpost or on any pole that’s out there.

The emphasis is for the receivers to reach around the pole or stationary object, and they cannot let the ball come into their body.

What you want to do is throw the ball in front of the pole and the receiver has to reach out and catch the ball.

This is an excellent drill and can be done in a lot of different places, to emphasize reaching for the football.

Do you think your wide receivers will get a lot out of these drills? If so, feel free to share this post with your fellow coaches and players right away! After all, coaching football isn’t the easiest job–having some drills put away for a “rainy” day is vital.