Football Tutorials

Sideline Catch Drill

  In today's video blog post, we are talking about an excellent sideline catch drill for running backs. In this running back drill, we are going to focus on teaching the

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football practice drills

3 Deep Concept Drill

Drill Type:  Quarterback/Receiver Drill Purpose This drill works the hook-flat combination. This drill is all about spacing and seeing seams in the defenses’ alignments. Set Up Defensive alignment is a three-deep concept. The

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90 Degree Cut Cone Drill

Drill Type:  Wide Receiver Drill Purpose This drill will improve your wide receiver's speed, agility and response time. Set Up Set up six cones so that they are in 90-degree angles to one another. 

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Leading the Receiver Drill

Play Type:   Quarterback Drill Purpose To develop timing between the quarterback and receiver, teaching the quarterback how to lead the receiver. Setup The quarterback will stand at the line of scrimmage with a ball

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Running Back Drills

Pyramid Course Drill

Drill Type:  Wide Receiver Drill Purpose This wide receiver drill forces players to make three catches in quick succession - one heading from right to left, one heading from left to right,

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zig zag conditioning drill

Agility Drills for Wide Receivers

In today's video blog post, we are demonstrating the “Zig Zag” Conditioning Drill and the “Mini Zig Zag” Conditioning Drill for speed, agility and footwork. "Zig Zag" and "Mini Zig Zag"

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