Quick Slant Drill

Purpose Players learn the slant, which is a great play for younger players. Set Up You can have two quarterbacks side-by-side with two receivers to the left and two to the right. Execution

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football practice drills

Base Coverage Drill

Drill Type:  Quarterback/Receiver Drill Purpose This drill is set up to give an impression of base coverages. Set Up Set up a two-high coverage using the barrels as the safeties. The cones are

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Football Drills

Cutback Drill

Purpose If you find that your players are constantly overcommitting and allowing large cutback lanes, this is a great drill to teach them how to stop and contain the ball carrier. Set

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shake and bake football drill

Shake and Bake Drill

Drill Type:  Defensive Line Drill Purpose Very effective in stopping an offensive lineman from kicking back and taking him to where you surface to get to the quarterback; it also allows you

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The Redirect Drill

Drill Type:  Defensive Line Drill Purpose This defensive line drill focuses on having a quick reaction, getting across the line, finding the ball, and getting to it in the shortest line possible. Execution

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90 Degree Cut Cone Drill

Drill Type:  Wide Receiver Drill Purpose This drill will improve your wide receiver's speed, agility and response time. Set Up Set up six cones so that they are in 90-degree angles to one another. 

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Running Back Drills

Pyramid Course Drill

Drill Type:  Wide Receiver Drill Purpose This wide receiver drill forces players to make three catches in quick succession - one heading from right to left, one heading from left to right,

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single barrel youth football drill

The Single-Barrel Drill

Drill Type:  Running Back Drill Purpose In this youth football drill, the barrel serves as an offensive lineman or an offensive blocker.  And we’re running right behind the blocker, who is blocking

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Defense Drills

Open Field Tackling

Drill Type: Team Drill Purpose: In this tackling drill drill, we're going to recreate an open field situation and focus on tackling. Set Up: Place your players ten yards apart. Execution: With the bag (or

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football practice drill

Ping Pong Drill

Drill Type:  Defensive Back Drill Purpose This defensive back drill allows players to practice getting the best turn situation in terms of covering the maximum amount of ground.  The emphasis here is

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